3 Reasons To Call The Emergency Dentist In Lilydale

Everybody generally goes to the local practice to get their teeth checked every 6 months, however, sometimes certain situations arise which will make it so you have to see the emergency dentist in Lilydale. These situations are various, and often people do not know which ones will warrant a visit to the emergency dentist in Lilydale. It is very important you know which situations should be treated with urgency, so you can recognize them and take the necessary steps to treat these ailments and conditions. If certain conditions are not treated urgently, they can develop into more serious health issues that can affect the patient severely. It is therefore very important to realise when something is considered urgent and when to call an emergency dentist in Lilydale.

Many people do not know what constitutes as something that is urgent, as such here are 3 reasons to call the emergency dentist in Lilydale.


Loose teeth

Loose teeth are definitely something to call the emergency dentist in Lilydale about. Loose teeth is an impending sign that your teeth are going to fall out, and there is a big risk that this will happen soon. You should not be experiencing losing teeth in adulthood, and they will not grow back. You will have to replace them with substitute teeth which can be very costly. A loose tooth can indicate a tooth injury which can be very painful and get worse over time if it is not treated, therefore it is definitely something to call the emergency dentist in Lilydale about. A localized infection can also cause teeth to become loose and fall out, and can also be very painful. To save your teeth, the situation must be treated with urgency and looked after as soon as possible.


Bad toothache

A bad toothache is definitely an indicator of urgency, and an emergency dentist in Lilydale is definitely required for this. A bad toothache can be very painful for the patient, and this will generally tell them that it is urgent. A very common form of this is the wisdom teeth growing in. They can push against the gums and other teeth causing pressure and pain. Wisdom teeth removal is very common and should be treated as soon as possible to avoid having the pain increase and progress. An emergency dentist in Lilydale will be able to treat this condition very quickly, as the removal process takes around 15 minutes usually. This can provide immediate pain relief for the patient, and as such it should be approached with urgency.


Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is another indicator to visit the emergency dentist in Lilydale, as this is a sign of early gum disease. If the bleeding is excessive and recurring, it is definitely a sign of urgency and should be treated as such. Gum disease can progress into further health issues, and therefore this condition should be treated as soon as possible. Knowing the signs early and treating it early is paramount to stopping the progression of gum disease, and bleeding gums is an indicator of this.




In summary, an emergency dentist in Lilydale will be able to treat a variety of different conditions. It is important you recognize the signs of urgency in a situation, including loose teeth, bad toothaches and bleeding gums. These are all signs of conditions which can be painful and progress into further health issues. It is important to recognize these signs and call the emergency dentist in Lilydale if you do see them in order to treat these conditions before it becomes serious.