5 Facts About Rubbish Removal in Sydney

5 Facts About Rubbish Removal in Sydney


There are some things that it is impossible to avoid, one of which is excess waste; this is why rubbish removal in Sydney is so essential. But how much do you actually know about the waste produced in Australia each year? The scary truth is, very few of us have any grasp on the amount of waste we produce each year, and ultimately the effect this has on our surroundings. There is one main reason why rubbish removal in Sydney is such a flourishing business, and that is simply because us Aussies have so much excess waste to dispose of! The great thing about rubbish removal in Sydney is that these experts know how and where to dispose of our waste in the most effective and environmentally friendly fashion. Keep reading if you are interested in finding out five facts about rubbish removal in Sydney.


Fact 1: Australians are in the top waste producer’s world wide

It sounds obvious, but you probably haven’t thought about it before- each country produces a certain amount of waste each year- and Australia is one of the countries that produce the most waste! But how is this possible when the population of Australia is so much less than other countries such as the UK and America? Well, this figure is determined by how much waste is produced per head of population, meaning us Aussies are producing more waste per person than many other countries. Interestingly, Australia ranks second only to America when it comes to the making of domestic waste. This is one of many reasons why rubbish removal in Sydney is such an important and profitable business.


Fact 2: Lots of waste is diverted away from landfills

Although it is clear that in Australia, we produce a lot of waste, there are some positive statistics that we should not forget about. In recent years, there has been a push to find other ways of disposing of excess waste, instead of throwing it in landfills. While landfills are still a popular option, the increase of rubbish removal in Sydney has meant that a lot of waste is now being properly dealt with and disposed of in a more environmentally friendly way. In 2015, almost 55% of domestic rubbish, 95% of recyclable rubbish and 97% of organic rubbish was diverted away from landfills!


Fact 3: 2.25kg of rubbish per household, per day

It can sometimes be hard to comprehend how much waste we are actually using per day, but shockingly Aussies are throwing out 2.25kg of rubbish per day per household. This may not sound like a lot, but when you think that every household is doing the same thing, on a daily basis, this quickly adds up. To put it into perspective, this amount of waste being disposed of combined over a year is enough to fill a three-bedroom house! This is one of the reasons why it is so important to consider what you are using, and how much you are throwing out. Furthermore, it is important to consider if there are better ways for you to dispose of your excess waste. There are many alternatives to just throwing things in the bin; perhaps thinking about a rubbish revivalist in Sydney would be a better option.


Fact 4: 69% of Australians are worried about waste

With Australia being such a high producer of waste every year, it is probably no surprise that 69% of us are worried about it. But are we worried on a country wide scale, or are we just worried about the waste in our back yards? If it is the latter, there are many options available to us. For example, there are many rubbish removals’ in Sydney that specialize in helping many families get rid of their excess junk. These businesses aim to get rid of bulky or hazardous items in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible.


Fact 5: 2.5 million fridges and 5 million TV’s per year

Some of the most difficult items to get rid of are those that are big, bulky or awkward; which basically includes most items you have in your house! But, what you may not know is how many fridges and TV’s are thrown out each year. It is actually a shocking 2.5 million fridges and 5 million TV’s! This can be a huge problem if these items aren’t disposed of properly! Due to this, it is essential that Australians find other ways, such as rubbish removals in Sydney to get rid of their excess waste.

It is quite scary to think about how much rubbish we produce as a nation each year! But luckily, rubbish removals in Sydney deal with all of our excess waste and ensure it goes to the right place!