Abortion Services and Support for Sydney Women


Contemplating abortion it not an easy endeavor for any woman in Sydney, let alone the country nor world. It’s a difficult area laden with differing morals and opinions regarding the decision. To help the individual in question come to the decision towards which they feel the best possible resolve given the circumstances, abortion clinics in Sydney uphold that it is imperative for each individual case to be received in a neutral, non-judgmental environment.

To help generate as much support as possible for individuals faced with this life-altering decision, we have put together a guide on the different kinds of abortion available in Sydney, and an indication as to what points in the pregnancy these are legally and medically suited.


Let’s begin with…


  1. Defining abortion in Sydney

Also recognized as the ‘termination of pregnancy’, this refers to the common medical procedure used to end an unintended pregnancy. Abortion is a safe procedure available to all women in Sydney, regardless of what stage in their reproductive life they are in. The procedure can take on of the following forms…


  1. Types of abortion available in Sydney

Surgical Abortion in Sydney

A straightforward, safe day surgery used for removal – done in the first trimester of the pregnancy (up to 14 weeks). Surgical abortion in Sydney is one of the most common surgical procedures in Australia with 80,000 women opting for this procedure every year.

It has a 98% success rate and carries a low complication rate, particularly when done in this first trimester period. Although risks that occur in approximately 3% of cases include…

> Ongoing pregnancy

> Altered uterus performance

> Cervix damage


Medical Abortion in Sydney

Once a pregnancy is detected via ultrasound, a medication can be administered by your doctor (to be taken at home), which blocks the pregnancy hormone progesterone. 24-48 hours after this first medication, a second medication is administered – consumed by holding tablets between your cheek and gum for 30 minutes. The latter assists the opening of the cervix, allowing for discharge of the pregnancy.

This form of abortion has become more widely available in Sydney and Australia since 2012, and can be easily performed on the majority of women – with some services offering this by phone*. If the pregnancy is under 9 weeks, the medical procedure is a viable alternative to surgery. There are few exceptions due to specific medical conditions such as…

> Adrenal gland dysfunction

> Severe asthma

> Bleeding disorder

*Medical or ‘Home’ termination – provides clients with a secure and private means to obtain a blood test, ultrasound, and ultimately the right medication without visiting a clinic. It is understood that deciding to undertake the process can be incredibly daunting for women, let alone visiting a clinic.

A phone consult with a specialist is all that is required, and the individual is additionally provided with free access to a 24-hour nurse service for care and support as needed.


Late term

When the decision to terminate the pregnancy after the 14 week mark – from the second trimester on wards – leads to a surgical procedure under intravenous sedation. There are differing legislation by state in Australia, in regard to this. For example, in Victoria, there are termination options for up to 24 weeks gestation.

For abortion in Sydney & NSW, the following applies….

> Less than 9 weeks – medical or surgical procedures available (however success rate tends to drop after 8 weeks)

> More than 9 weeks – surgical procedure available

> 12-15 weeks – pre medication and surgery

> 15-20 weeks – clinic attendance on 2 separate days to prepare for surgical procedure