Are You Looking For The Best Dermatologist In Melbourne?-

Dermatologist might be a big word, but it is one worth knowing.

A dermatologist carries out dermatology, which is essentially attending to the skin, skincare, and any conditions involved with the skin.

And when it comes to your skin, you want to ensure it gets its well-deserved treatment from the best dermatologist in Melbourne.

Melbourne is renowned for its quality of living, and the weather is a big part of that. Offering glorious summer days where you can lie on the beaches around Port Philip Bay, crisp spring mornings followed by glorious days shopping or at the racing carnival, through to those chilly winter nights in at one of the thousands of Melbourne’s renowned bars and restaurants, all these weather events can have an effect on your skin.

And when it comes to your skin, you want to ensure it gets the best treatment.

Here’s what to look for if you are after the best care for your skin.


First and foremost, make sure your dermatologist is qualified. That is number one. There are an increasing number of shopfront clinics who claim to offer credible skin and dermatological treatments and care, but if you are after the best, look a little deeper, and make sure your practitioner is qualified and experienced and recognized by Australian authorities.

Online reviews, ratings and customer feedback is also a great way to screen your potential dermatologist.

No sales pitch for upfront costs or package deals

The last thing you want to see in a consult with your dermatologist is them going the hard sell trying to get money off you upfront for care packages you may and probably should not need in months or a year’s time, if they have done their job properly.

Make sure your dermatologist listens to your needs and advises of a plan of action that is practical and the most cost-effective for you.

Are they insured?

red rash on a patient's arm

Aside from being your bodies largest organ, the skin is also one of the most sensitive and in spite of your dermatologist’s qualification and experience, there are times when your skin can react badly, unbeknownst to you, or even the most cautious and experienced operator.

There aren’t many skin conditions that can’t be fixed, but if they have come about from something that is not your fault, be sure your provider has insurance to cover for mishaps.

Make sure the provider provides the right service for you

There are many parts to dermatology, from pediatric care through to skin cancer treatments or most commonly, cosmetic dermatology.

Be sure that your dermatologist is experienced and provides the right kind of service that you are looking for.

Flexible treatment times

We all live busy lives these days, and whilst you may have found the best dermatologist in Melbourne, are they available for treatments at a time that best suits you?

It is hard enough to get time away from work even when we have outward symptoms of illness, let alone to attend to ongoing care of our skin.

Be sure your provider is available at times that suit you, and your schedule.

Friendly and Courteous Staff

Whether it is attending to a medical treatment or therapies, hospitality or even retail shopping, your experience can be highly influenced by the manners of the staff.

And that is no different when attending to your dermatology needs.

You should feel listened to, not rushed along with being attended to in a kind and courteous manner.

These are all the small things that separate the best from the rest when looking for top-line dermatology treatment in Melbourne.