Best Uses for Logo Printed Balloons

Best Uses for Logo Printed Balloons


Decorating a party can be a lot of fun. Especially in this day and age with so many decorations available to make it your own. Logo printed balloons are the ultimate party decoration choice for any occasion. They’re versatile and have a range of benefits that make them useful in a variety of situations. If you’re planning event, read on below for some creative uses for logo printed balloons.


Corporate events

Every big corporate event should have logo printed balloons to decorate. Not only are they relatively cheap, they’re also highly visible advertising. Custom designs look highly professional and will take your event to the next level in terms of look and feel, this a great option for impressing potential clients and customers.

These inflatable decorations can really make a impact in corporate settings, combined with other coordinated decorations they really have the wow factor and can follow your clients home as a brand reminder after the event.

Not only that but the process of designing your custom inflatable decorations is a simple as can be with most providers and usually only requires you to provide your artwork ready for print.

If you’re looking for interesting displays, the sky’s the limit. Most providers can offer a whole range of displays such as arches or huge arrangements.

You might also want to consider handing them out to attendee’s, everyone loves logo printed balloons so they make a great party favour!



If you’re getting married, a great cost effective wedding decoration idea is custom inflatable decorations. You can design your own stylish wedding artwork or initials. This is a memorable way to make the event your own. You can align the decorations with your wedding colours and theme and there are many different options for arrangements to suit every budget. Logo printed balloons are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding.


Promote a product


Logo printed balloons are the best way to raise brand awareness. If you have a new product launching, custom decorations are a great way to spread the news and increase foot traffic at grand openings or sales events. You would be surprised what a draw inflatable decorations will be, they will certainly draw the attention of the crowd!


Announcing a company name change

A novelty way of announcing a big company change or expansion is to it through decorations! Logo printed balloons are a fun way to assist in delivering exciting news. Next time you have big company new to announce or a change in branding, consider getting creative and using inflatables to show rather than tell. This is certainly a memorable and visual way to communicate with your customers and clients and will make a great impression compared to a boring statement.



Decorations don’t have to be only for promotional purposes, they can also be used for celebrations or to make special and memorable events. Make someone feel really special by creating custom decorations especially for them. If it’s a big birthday go big with the decorating and do something they will truly appreciate. They will remember it for years to come when they look at the photographs. This is a great idea for surprise parties and can be used in other settings like farewells or exciting events like the birth of a child.

For you next big event get creative and make it custom. Not only does it look very professional, but it has a big impact and is well remembered by customers, clients, friends and family. With such a cost effective, simple solution you won’t regret investing in logo printed balloons for your parties.