Commemorate Her Last Day as a Bachelorette with a Hawaiian Send-off

Attention, ladies! Spring season is here, and if you are anywhere near to planning a hens party for the bride-to-be, it’s the right time to slather on some coconut oil and go hula all the way. All you need is the right Hawaiian party supplies to start with.

Every woman secretly dreams about her hens party much as her Big Day, and since it means a lot to her, it’s your responsibility as her bridesmaid to bring the fun, excitement and pleasure to one place and call it a ‘hens-do’.

A Hawaiian-themed hens party is a perfect fit for the current weather in Australia. Why not step out with the ladies, soak up the sun, have fun and attract some eyeballs? You might have already got the vibes; now it’s time to plan it out. The goal is to make the bride happier than she would be on her wedding day. And the rules are simple. If you can’t pull it off the way it should be, be ready to be mocked for a couple of years if not the rest of your life.

Pay attention to these tips to throw a fantastic hens-do for your best friend who is soon going to be a lovely bride.

What to wear?

The one thing that breathes life into a Hawaiian themed gathering is the people attending it, and then comes Hawaiian party supplies, which you can purchase online. It’s easy to put some authentic Hawaiian party supplies together and rustle up the costume for the ladies and the bride-to-be. Make a list: Lei garland, grass skirt and a floral bra. To make the bride-to-be stand out from the rest, let her wear the flowery headband and be the princess that she is.

What to drink and eat?

Have you been looking for an excuse to enjoy tropical cocktails lately? Well, the perfect occasion is here. If you are looking for options, Hawaiian party gods point towards Coconut Mojito, Mai Tai, Tropical Itch, Captain’s Demise and Bahama to name a few. Make sure your Hawaiian party supplies include a cocktail shaker as well so that preparing cocktails is easier done than said.

Whether you are considering light, crispy snacks or a filling meal for the hens-do, Hawaiian recipes always come in handy. A freshly prepared fruit salad sprinkled with Li Hing Mui will leave you and the girls wanting for more. Another recommendation is hurricane popcorn. Let the bride-to-be enjoy this exotic blend of sweet, salt and buttery while the girls put on a show for her.

Spin some tunes and go hula – dance the night away!

Now lugging towards the end of the hens party and knowing that your best friend’s beautiful bachelorhood is going to end with it, why not make the most of those few precious moments before they slip through your fingers? Spin some Hawaiian tunes and bring everyone to the floor to thoroughly enjoy the last few hours.

When the party is over, the perishables are thrown away and right before everyone leaves the venue, handout one party gift to each guest to let them remember the beautiful day that it was.

As her best friend, you must plan a perfect hens-do so that the bride-to-be has no qualms when she’s all set to walk the aisle the following day.

It’s always a good idea to keep the remaining non-perishable Hawaiian party supplies with you because you never know who in your gang is the next to say ‘I do’.