Cost Cutting Tips For Engagement Party Invitations

Cost Cutting Tips For Engagement Party Invitations


There are a number of elements that go into the forming of engagement party invitations before they are placed inside the envelope and sent to the invited collection of guests.

Some couples will decide that a minimalist approach is best, simply bypassing the need to add bells and whistles for an event that is sure to make a statement on its own terms.

Then there are others who like to make an impression with whatever they produce as a couple, wanting the invitation to be a valuable item in isolation from the actual party.

Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourselves at as a couple, there will be a need to eliminate unwanted costs and to manage this affair as well as possible.

Here we will run through a few helpful cost cutting tips that will ensure the invitations can match quality for quantity, but will leave you plenty of money for other wedding matters.




Pick The Right Material

Material choice is a real defining factor for calculating the overall costs of engagement party invitations, particularly when that number ventures into the hundreds. If that is the case, then it is ideal to pick a crisp material such as matte or a layered product like parchment. Couples who want to splash out and send an item that really pops will opt for something like cotton fiber, but you can score genuine value for our investment with handmade paper, vellum or glassine. Examine the options and check their price per 100 sheets to compare.


Opt For Simple Design

Customized free templates are a great way to score some cheaper engagement party invitations that won’t blow your budget out. Heading straight to a professional service will see some basic fundamentals of the invitation creation rise in cost, and this includes the selection and design of a template. Eliminate that need right now to pick a design that is simple and easily downloadable.


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Have Digital Copy Just In Case

One of the examples whereby engagement party invitations become a very painful and costly exercise is returning to a print provider after a collection has been posted, only to discover that you missed a family member returning from overseas or sent an item to a friend’s house who has recently moved addresses.

To cut this issue off at the pass and to prevent a new batch being custom made for that simple error, why not craft a digital copy in high resolution in the event that you need to send a fresh copy? Whether this is through email, text or social media, you can still give the invitation as a personal message whilst bypassing those logistical hassles that emerge over the course of the project.


Obtain Envelope Price Inclusive of Invitations

You would be surprised how much the envelope pricing can blowout the budget for engagement party invitations. As you undertake your research and consult with a provider, ensure that the price for the envelopes comes inclusive with their service, because that can be an unwanted surcharge when the final bill arrives.


Wedding Outlet With Bundled Packages

If you are feeling bold and forward thinking, some couples will attempt to bundle their engagement party invitations with their wedding invitations through one trustworthy provider. Giving a guarantee that they will utilize their business for future projects with the wedding, there are certain local outlets who will want to entice your business by packaging together these invitations to drive those initial costs down.



Engagement party invitations happen to play a very small role in the overall scope of the wedding season stage. Coming months or even years before the couple ties the knot, there will be a series of costs to calculate for brides and grooms of all descriptions. Throwing into the mix venue hire, catering, décor, music, accommodation and more, the invitations themselves should be concise and well presented, but not overtly extravagant. Leave that department for another time.