Four Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil has become a wildly popular product in recent years as more and more states have been making the product legal for medicinal and recreational use.

CBD oil has a number of uses, and is seen to have a range of health benefits for individuals that suffer from various illnesses and health issues. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol or CBD does not have the psychoactive properties often seen when ingesting marijuana. Instead, CBD works in our bodies to reduce inflammation, without the typical feeling of being high that comes with THC ingestion.

There are a number of benefits CBD oil has to provide. Here are the most common benefits seen from using CBD oil:

Pain Relief

CBD oil intercepts our body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for our sleeping, appetite, and pain responses. CBD impacts the endocannabinoid receptors, working to reduce inflammation and interact with our neurotransmitters to reduce feelings of pain.

Those looking to reap the pain relief benefits of CBD can ingest it orally, or place a topical CBD solution on an affected area depending on whether the pain is internal or external. CBD oil is often used to treat pain caused by health issues like rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis (MS).

Anxiety & Depression Treatment

CBD oil has been seen to benefit individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression. When ingested, CBD oil can interact with our brain’s serotonin receptors which regulates our mood. From here, CBD will encourage our brains to produce more serotonin, leading to feeling less anxious or depressed overall.

When using CBD oil to treat anxiety or depression, it’s important to consider what other medications the individual may be taking. Though CBD oil is safe to use and widely can be used along with other medications, talk to your doctor first before using CBD in addition to other anxiety or depression treatment medications.

Prevent Cancer Spread

CBD oil may work to prevent cancer spread for those suffering from various types of cancer. In some studies, the oil has been seen to suppress cancer cell growth and contribute to killing them off.

In general, CBD oil can support those who suffer from cancer by helping to improve chemotherapy action, as well as work to suppress the negative side effects often seen from chemotherapy.

Reduce Inflammation from Type 1 Diabetes

Due to CBD oil’s inflammation reducing properties, it may help to reduce inflammation on the pancreas seen in those who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. Some studies have shown that CBD oil can work against the immune system cells that are attacking the pancreas, leading to Type 1 Diabetes symptoms.

Overall, CBD oil has a number of proven and suspected benefits that can lead to a happier and healthier life. It’s a great tool to help reduce inflammation in the body and combat symptoms of serious health issues that often cause a lower quality of life. Be sure to consult with your doctor and consider the dosing amount of CBD oil before using it to mitigate symptoms of health issues.