How to Oversee a Shower Box Home Installation

Homeowners will have their pick of a number of shower box designs that will add value to their bathroom space.

From the sleek and modern to the traditional enclosures that provide a unique appeal, the objectives are relatively similar with some criteria that will be dependent on the consumer and their tastes.

The good news for community members is that there have been enough case studies to illustrate what is best practice and what selling points to lookout for when approaching suppliers in the market.

We will provide a rundown of industry options, detailing how residents transition from interested buyers to a successful installation project.

Research Supplier Brands Thoroughly

The most important place to start with a shower box project is to research the credentials of suppliers. Some of this activity is just about talking to other participants about their experience and seeing how their design works. Then there is the online component, scouting 5-star ratings and comments via social media hubs, search engines and apps. Check for their accreditation and test the water with the brand reception to develop a shortlist of appropriate candidates.

Measure Space Accurately

In order to oversee a shower box installation successfully, local members need to work with accurate measuring parameters. This is an exercise that can be undertaken with a piece of measuring tape, or it can be a process that specialist developers do as part of the official quote. Once participants know the position of the enclosure and the width and length of the product, the search for an exact utility will be identified, leaving open the possibility for a customisation if necessary.

Work With a Glass Thickness Level

Safety and security with a shower box is as much to do with glass thickness as anything else. Too slight and the item becomes fragile and susceptible to breaking. Outlets in this market will often work on a scale from 4mm in thickness to 6mm, 8mm and 10mm for the deluxe models. The type of clean coating dynamic will be important with this consideration because it will inform how easy or otherwise the glass panels are to clean with each application.

Assessing Bathroom Style Fit

Home shower box

From the glass frame to the handle and hinges, these panels will have their own colour and pattern dynamic. For homeowners who want a quality aesthetic fit with the rest of the bathroom space, they are advised to look at options based on their surrounding colour and tone. Most enclosure designs will be amenable to any kind of bathroom space, but there are some subtle creations that will tie in well for local clients depending on their personal tastes and demands.

Engage Quality Tiles, Panels & Trays

Drainage is a major consideration for any type of bathroom installation, but particularly the case with a shower box. Residents are advised to consult with specialists about the type of tiles, panels and trays for walk-in shower options. This will help to provide a clean framework where a build-up of water is not experienced, bypassing those frustrating drainage concerns that creates a safety hazard before costs are considered.

Selecting a User-Friendly Door

Thankfully a shower box design will open a number of opportunities for door styles. From the sliding door to the hinged options, the bi-fold and pivot door, shoppers will need to think about what works for them and their shower experience. The best approach is to see them in-store to appreciate how they operate with the panels and the tiling.


Households should be satisfied with their shower box installation project if they manage to assess the brand against this criteria. Work with trusted suppliers and installation specialists to be on safe ground. Receive multiple quotes and get a good look at how they look and operate ahead of time.