Improving your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Dissatisfied with your smile? A cosmetic dentist could help you improve it! Millions of people worldwide are beginning to express concerns about their dentition and how they smile. Over years, this has made cosmetic dentistry one of the most popular specialties out there. By 2026, it’s expected that the industry hit the $32 billion mark. If you want a share of the big pie, you may start pitching your tent on the specialty as soon as possible! And, if you’re a cosmetic dentist already, good for you! 

Cosmetic dentistry—What is it? 

Also known as esthetic dentistry, it is a dental field that deals with professional oral care to improve the overall outlook of your mouth, smile, teeth, and gums. For example, people with teeth that are chipped, discolored, misshapen, or misaligned may require the service of a cosmetic dentist to correct the error. Even people who want to close the many gaps between their teeth may book a session with them as they develop a treatment plan for your needs. 

Cosmetic dentistry—Types 

Although cosmetic dentistry procedures are not essential per se, they improve the overall appearance of the person and boost their confidence. Five major types of procedures may be performed by your cosmetic dentist and they include: 

Teeth whitening.

cosmetic dentist

Teeth whitening is quite affordable. It involves using bleaching products to whiten your teeth. This could be done in the office of the cosmetic dentist or at home by you. There are quite a couple of teeth whitening products online and over the counter in your local stores. At-home whitening materials include whitening toothpaste, Whitestrips, rinses, etc. 

However, for the bleach to be successful, dental debris, plaque, or tartar should first be removed from your teeth’ surface. 

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are designed to resemble your real tooth. They are usually made out of resin, ceramic, or porcelain. The cosmetic dentist must remove about half a millimeter of enamel before the veneers could be attached to bond well. Patients with crooked teeth, damaged enamel, or many gaps in their teeth will find this very essential. Dental veneers are quite expensive than teeth whitening. 

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is recommended when you have chips or cracks in a tooth, tooth discoloration, or you want to adjust the shape of your teeth. Your cosmetic dentist handles the procedure by attaching a tooth-colored resin material to where you need it to change the shape, color, or size of the affected tooth or teeth. 

Dental crown 

Just as the name suggests, they are like caps that are placed over damaged teeth to conceal their appearance and restore the shape of the teeth. These crowns are first designed before they are put in place or cemented by the professional. These crowns can be made from metals, resin, ceramics, or porcelain. All you need is good oral hygiene to maintain it. 

Inlays and Onlays 

Sometimes teeth get damaged beyond the fact they can be filled. These fillings “inlays” and “onlays” are designed to achieve the filling purpose. For example, in inlay, the material is made out of gold, or porcelain is bonded in the center of the tooth. While in onlays, the material or filling covers the entire tooth surface or a part of it. They are also known as indirect fillings. 

You may decide to see a cosmetic dentist for many reasons ranging from tooth decay, crooked teeth, and missing teeth, to misshapen teeth.