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5 Facts About Rubbish Removal in Sydney

By |December 19th, 2018|Categories: Blogging, General|

5 Facts About Rubbish Removal in Sydney


There are some things that it is impossible to avoid, one of which is excess waste; this is why rubbish removal in Sydney is so essential. But how much do you actually know about the waste produced in Australia each year? The scary truth is, very few of us have any grasp on the amount of waste we produce each year, and ultimately the effect this has on our surroundings. There is one main reason why rubbish removal in Sydney is such a flourishing business, and that is simply because us Aussies have so much excess waste to dispose of! The great thing about rubbish removal in Sydney is that these experts know how and where to dispose of our waste in the most effective and environmentally friendly fashion. Keep reading if you are interested in finding out five facts about rubbish removal in Sydney.


Fact 1: Australians are in the top waste producer’s world wide

It sounds obvious, but you probably haven’t thought about it before- each country produces a certain amount of waste each year- and Australia is one of the countries that produce the most waste! But how is this possible when the population of Australia is so much less than other countries such as the UK and America? Well, this figure is determined by how much waste is produced per head of population, meaning us Aussies are producing more waste per person than many other countries. Interestingly, Australia ranks second only to America when it comes to the making of domestic waste. This is one of many reasons why rubbish removal in Sydney is such an important and profitable business.


Fact 2: Lots of waste is diverted away from landfills

Although it is clear that in Australia, we produce a lot of waste, there are some positive statistics that we should not forget about. In recent years, there has been a push to find other ways of disposing of excess waste, instead of throwing it in landfills. While landfills are still a popular option, the increase of rubbish removal in Sydney has meant that a lot of waste is now being properly dealt with and disposed of in a more environmentally friendly way. In 2015, almost 55% of domestic rubbish, 95% of recyclable rubbish and 97% of organic rubbish was diverted away from landfills!


Fact 3: 2.25kg of rubbish per household, per day

It can sometimes be hard to comprehend how much waste we are actually using per day, but shockingly Aussies are throwing out 2.25kg of rubbish per day per household. This may not sound like a lot, but when you think that every household is doing the same thing, on a daily basis, this quickly adds up. To put it into perspective, this amount of waste being disposed of combined over a year is enough to fill a three-bedroom house! This is one of the reasons why it is so important to consider what you are using, and how much you are throwing out. Furthermore, it is important to consider if there are better ways for you to dispose of your excess waste. There are many alternatives to just throwing things in the bin; perhaps thinking about a rubbish revivalist in Sydney would be a better option.


Fact 4: 69% of Australians are worried about waste

With Australia being such a high producer of waste every year, it is probably no surprise that 69% of us are worried about it. But are we worried on a country wide scale, or are we just worried about the waste in our back yards? If it is the latter, there are many options available to us. For example, there are many rubbish removals’ in Sydney that specialize in helping many families get rid of their excess junk. These businesses aim to get rid of bulky or hazardous items in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible.


Fact 5: 2.5 million fridges and 5 million TV’s per year

Some of the most difficult items to get rid of are those that are big, bulky or awkward; which basically includes most items you have in your house! But, what you may not know is how many fridges and TV’s are thrown out each year. It is actually a shocking 2.5 million fridges and 5 million TV’s! This can be a huge problem if these items aren’t disposed of properly! Due to this, it is essential that Australians find other ways, such as rubbish removals in Sydney to get rid of their excess waste.

It is quite scary to think about how much rubbish we produce as a nation each year! But luckily, rubbish removals in Sydney deal with all of our excess waste and ensure it goes to the right place!




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The NDIS Accommodation Situation

By |December 12th, 2018|Categories: Blogging, General|

The NDIS Accommodation Situation


NDIS accommodation in any big city is relatively easy to find. Just like with other facilities such as shops, restaurants and hotels, you can find the best of the best in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. There is supply to meet demand and demand to meet supply. However, it is those who are living with disabilities in more rural towns who will find it difficult to find the facilities that they need to live independently. This relatively new scheme aims to allow members of the public living with disabilities to play a greater part in the community, providing more housing is one of the ways in which this is going to be achieved.


Creating a market for NDIS accommodation is one of the most important tasks facing the powers that be and the project as a whole. Many young people find it hard to find appropriate housing and are living in aged care facilities. It goes without saying that this isn’t ideal and shouldn’t be thought to be acceptable. While there is also the problem of adults with disabilities who still live with their parents. Their parents in these cases are ageing themselves and may fall into the category of those that will need help soon.


With this in mind, an astronomical budget has been approved in order to support over 10,000 locations in various parts of the country. $6 billion has been pumped into the fund to help the development of NDIS accommodation nationally. This has been created in the hope that it can also give a much-needed boost to the housing economy, creating an increase in construction in both the private and public sectors. Many national financial institutions are thought to excited by the prospect of this new market and see it as one in which they will be able to work within.


In Australia, it is a well-known fact that there is not enough NDIS accommodation available. 17,500 people live in NDIS accommodation and there is hope that with the additional funding this can jump to 10,500 by the year 2020. However, currently an estimated 6,000 young people living with disabilities live in an aged care facility, in several parts of the country, 20% of aged care facilities are taken by young people. Needless to say, this is a worrying trend that shows no sign of slowing down. The needs of young people with disabilities vary greatly from the needs of those from the older generation with disabilities of their own. There is a lot of money being pumped into this project so making a change shouldn’t be difficult. Solely for housing there is an annual budget of $700 million for close to 28,000 participants in the scheme.


NDIS accommodation will soon be bought by the user creating a user driven market whereby those with disabilities will be empowered to buy the NDIS accommodation that they need and want, while also allowing them to choose who they live with and where they live.


The creation of a new housing market brings up a few questions in relation to affordability. In Sydney, housing is out of reach for many of those living there. Housing prices are through the roof and the vast majority of people are priced out of the market. How can the government avoid the same thing occurring in relation to NDIS accommodation? Subsidies are one way in which the government is looking to help those in need of disability housing. While residents will pay 25% of their support pension on a rent contribution.


Currently there are many people living with a disability badly in need of NDIS accommodation. There are those who need daily support in doing activities most of us take for granted such as getting out of bed in the morning or getting in to the shower. Living in group facilities, which many do, makes it increasingly hard for those with a disability to get the help and care that they need. A move to NDIS accommodation is seen as providing a more suitable environment. It will empower the person living in suitable housing to live their life as they want with the help they need but also with the chance to move around as they want, rather than living in the rules of an aged care home.


It is clear the demand is there for NDIS accommodation. Once suitable housing is provided, and the necessary grants and subsidies are made available, it is clear that there will be many happy and willing to move in to housing that better suits their needs. Group facilities have become places where those with a disability end up feeling useless and it is about time they can live in a place they feel comfortable in and one that allows new skills to be learned and independence to be gained.


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The Proper Way to Use a Scaffold

By |December 11th, 2018|Categories: Blogging, General|

The Proper Way to Use a Scaffold


When using scaffolding platforms, there are many aspects that you must take into account to provide a safe and reliable experience for the construction workers as well as creating a safe environment for civilians.

When working on structures that are at higher altitudes, it is important to have the correct safety precautions for safe use of the platforms.

This article will name some of the main precautions required to using these platforms as well as aims to provide you with the correct safety procedures to use scaffoldings as well as guide you to hiring the correct platform that you will need for the job.


Appropriate experience

Before working on scaffolding platforms, you will need the appropriate experience when erecting the platform as it requires competent people to set up specific types of scaffolds. It can be dangerous and unstable if someone with no experience tries to erect the platform on their own without experience.

Those who work on the temporary platforms also require as much precautionary steps as those who set it up. Things to be cautious for when working on a temporary platform is the proper way to mount and dismount safely as well as make sure there are no loose objects hanging off the sides. This is to not only keep the workers safe but also the pedestrians from hazardous or falling objects.

Workers will also need to know the proper procedures for an emergency as it can possibly be the difference between life and death.


Staying within the weight guidelines of the platforms

scaffoldingOne of the most important safety precautions when using temporary scaffolding platforms is to make sure that you do not exceed the specified weight limit of the structure because if you do so, it will most probably create an unsafe environment for the pedestrians nearby as well as create an unreliable structure for the workers that is bound to fail and injure someone. The weight limit of the platforms should never be ignored as they are set for a reason. Some off these guidelines may be associated with the maximum weight that a certain type of material used in the platform can withstand.

Associated with this, is making sure that there is enough space on the platform for people to move around safely and avoid injuries. If a temporary platform is too crowded, it can cause an unsafe environment as bumping into co-workers can cause a loss of balance. The risks are higher if you are working at an elevated environment.


Staying coordinated

Just like any work space, scaffolding platforms require those working on it to be organised and coordinated to avoid any injuries. As mentioned earlier in this article, it is necessary to eliminate the hazards and risks of falling objects. It is always necessary for workers to have the correct equipment to hold the tools safely to ensure no falling objects.

More safety precautions needed for scaffolding platforms are to require that the base of the stage has been properly installed because the base of the structure is the most important part of the entire platform as a weak base will cause the structure to fall. Depending on the height of the structure, it could cause some serious injuries.

Hand rails as well as guard rails are extremely important for providing a safe environment for the workers as properly installed guard rails can help with windy conditions. Hand rails offer safety support for workers to grab unto or to stop them from falling over the side.


Using the correct platform for the job

There are many scaffolds in Australia that offer a wide range of platforms for workers to use. An important safety precaution for those hiring a temporary platform would be to ensure that you are hiring the correct frame that is most suitable for the job. For structures that are at higher altitudes, you might benefit from using steel frames to ensure more stability.

In choosing the correct platform, it is always extremely recommended to choose a reliable source when acquiring your scaffolding platforms. As mentioned before, setting up some scaffolds requires specialists who are qualified and have trained in that area as not having someone who is trained or someone who is unreliable can lead to serious injury and in worst case scenarios, death.

Scaffolding platforms are no different to other working areas. These platforms just require different safety precautions to ensure a safe environment.

When these safety guidelines are practised, these platforms are a great deal of assistance to the workers and become a necessity.

After reading this article, you should now start to take into account the different hazards of using these temporary platforms as well as knowing the correct ways to counter these risks to ensure a safe, productive and reliable environment for everyone including pedestrians nearby.


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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Social Dancing in Sydney

By |December 8th, 2018|Categories: Blogging, General|

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Social Dancing in Sydney


It is important for everyone to have an activity or hobby that they enjoy; something that is outside of their work life, or being a parent; something that they simply do for fun. But, there are so many options, so it is just a matter of finding the right one for you. Have you ever considered trying social dancing in Sydney? Perhaps you have preconceived ideas that this is not for you, however, this couldn’t be further from the case. Here are some top reasons why you should consider taking social dancing in Sydney.


Reason 1: It will keep you fit

This first reason why you should begin taking social dancing in Sydney is arguably one of the main reasons why many people start the hobby. It will undeniably keep you fit, as well as improve your levels of fitness. And, to be honest, who doesn’t want that? Obviously, this activity involves lots of movement, so you will basically be doing cardio without even realizing it; it is much more fun, and effective than the treadmill. So, if you want to keep fit, but hate going to the gym or going for a run, social dancing in Sydney could be just the hobby for you. However, if you are currently not as fit as you’d like to be, don’t worry, this is certainly an activity that you can take at your own pace. You don’t need to worry about not being able to keep up with every one else as you can just do as much, or as little as you can handle; as the weeks go by, you’ll find yourself being able to do more and more. Besides, it is important to remember that it is designed to be fun, so there will be a range of people with different levels of fitness, all coming together to enjoy some good music and to work on their health.


Reason 2: It helps you meet new people

As an adult, it can be really difficult to meet new people and make new friends, so finding a hobby that will encourage you to get to know different people is a great opportunity. Social dancing in Sydney is not just about the activity, it is also about interacting with a range of different people from all walks of life and getting to know them on a personal level. You will probably find yourself chatting and laughing with people that you would never have met if it wasn’t for a shared interest; it will really help you to meet people outside of your usual group of friends. Furthermore, if you are shy and struggle to walk up to someone to start a conversation, being involved in the same activity will be really handy. There is no worry about having nothing in common or not having anything to talk about, because if all else fails you can discuss and find common ground over social dancing in Sydney. Ultimately one of the best things about this hobby is that it allows you to get to know other people and make new friends.

man and woman dancing


Reason 3: It will help you manage stress

Life is stressful, and it can easily overwhelm you or take over if you let it. One great way of managing stress and therefore helping with your emotional health is by having an outlet. Everyone should have some form of outlet, whether it be painting, playing a sport or social dancing in Sydney. It is important to completely switch off sometimes and just have fun; sometimes we all just need to forget about the worries of our every day lives. Getting involved in a hobby or activity that you really enjoy can boost your mood and help you feel refreshed. Have you ever had a bad day? Of course you have, everyone has. But something that can help you deal with those bad days is something fun. Furthermore, exercise releases hormones that make you feel happy, so you’re bound to feel better after an evening of social dancing in Sydney.


Reason 4: It has no age limit

Something that prevents many people from taking up a new hobby is age; often people believe they are too old to start something new. The truth of the matter is, you are never too old to start a new activity, especially when that activity is social dancing in Sydney. In saying this, though, many hobbies are aimed at younger people, or people with a high level of fitness. But, the great thing about social dancing in Sydney is that this age restriction does not apply. No one should be able to tell you that you are too old to start something new! So, you don’t need to worry that you are too old to begin this hobby, because it simply is not true. This activity is suitable for anyone, regardless of age.





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What to Expect from Occupational Therapy NDIS

By |December 6th, 2018|Categories: Blogging, General|

What to Expect from Occupational Therapy NDIS


The National Disability Insurance Scheme offers those with a lasting and significant disability funding to help support their needs. This includes accessing occupational therapy funded by NDIS.

An OT is a trained, university-educated practitioner who specializes in helping people overcome challenges in order to partake in daily activities. They are practiced in a range of areas, such as goal-setting, pain management, mental health, driving assessments, rehabilitation and determining home and vehicle modifications. An occupational therapy NDIS can aid make life easier for people with disabilities.

If you or someone you know is planning on receiving occupational therapy funded by NDIS, there are certain things you might want to know about the service, such as its goals, benefits and drawbacks.


What are the aims of OT?

old man walkingOT aims to determine an individual’s ideal outcomes and goals and then figure out what support is required to achieve this. Support may involve a range of services, modifications and specialised accommodation. Using a thorough understanding of how disability affects performance in daily activities, OTs are able to effectively improve a person’s situation.

The overall aim of occupational therapy funded by NDIS is to help a person become as independent as they can be. From improving their ability to engage in self-care practices to sharpening mental abilities, the goals of the OT are as varied as the individuals they are working with. Each treatment plan is unique and specially catered for the individual’s specific needs.

Occupational therapy funded by NDIS is ongoing and will last until the person achieves their outcomes, or until it is believed that they have done the best that they can. When skills in one area, such as improved mobility, are mastered, the OT will then focus on developing other skills necessary for increased independence.


The advantages of occupational therapy funded by NDIS:

The major advantage of OT is its ability to help people build, reclaim or maintain day-to-day living skills. This ensures that people can lead independent, rewarding and productive lives and participate in their local community and the world at large.

OT also offers a range of measurable benefits, where progress is clearly visible. This ranges from witnessing a person’s ability to participate in self-care activities independently, to a person’s ability to enter the workforce.

Other advantages of occupational therapy funded by NDIS include:

  • Improvement of sensory integration and processing
  • Improved social skills and relationships
  • Deeper engagement in meaningful activities, such as art-making or volunteering
  • Reduction of environmental barriers to participation in daily activities
  • Assistive technology to support and make life easier
  • Improved ability to deal with shifts in routines and roles
  • Improved education on behalf of the individual and their family
  • Increased mobility


The disadvantages of occupational therapy funded by NDIS:

While the benefits of OT generally outweigh the drawbacks, there are some concerns that should be considered before engaging in the program. These include:

  • Costs related to continued care
  • Time commitments to the program
  • How the treatment will affect other family members

When establishing a treatment plan, it is vital that expectations are discussed with the OT. These expectations may need to be adjusted over time as the person makes progress. It is only using periodic assessments of the treatment that you can evaluate how much of a positive impact it is having on the person’s quality of life.

man in a wheelchair


Other things to consider include:


Those who are aged under 65 and possess a disability which impacts their ability to engage in day-to-day activities may be eligible for occupational therapy funded by NDIS. It is currently unavailable for those over the age of 65, although if a person turns 65 after they have already been approved to participate in the scheme, they can still be funded. There is an eligibility checklist available online which can help determine eligibility.


Finding an OT

To find a suitable OT, the person must first be approved by the National Diabetes Insurance Scheme. Once this is done, the person will work with a planner or coordinator to establish an individualized support plan. There is a list of occupational therapy NDIS providers available on the National Diabetes Insurance Scheme website. People who want to self-manage their funding can access services from OTs who are not registered with the scheme.


Availability of services in your area

Occupational therapy funded by NDIS is offered in many locations across Australia (now including parts of Western Australia). Check the scheme’s official website to find out if you can access services in your area. In certain regions you may need to meet the minimum age requirements in order to access the scheme. By 2020, every eligible Australian who has a disability will be able to access OT under the scheme.



Occupational therapy funded by NDIS offers a range of benefits to Australians living with a disability.


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Cost Cutting Tips For Engagement Party Invitations

By |October 27th, 2018|Categories: General|

Cost Cutting Tips For Engagement Party Invitations


There are a number of elements that go into the forming of engagement party invitations before they are placed inside the envelope and sent to the invited collection of guests.

Some couples will decide that a minimalist approach is best, simply bypassing the need to add bells and whistles for an event that is sure to make a statement on its own terms.

Then there are others who like to make an impression with whatever they produce as a couple, wanting the invitation to be a valuable item in isolation from the actual party.

Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourselves at as a couple, there will be a need to eliminate unwanted costs and to manage this affair as well as possible.

Here we will run through a few helpful cost cutting tips that will ensure the invitations can match quality for quantity, but will leave you plenty of money for other wedding matters.




Pick The Right Material

Material choice is a real defining factor for calculating the overall costs of engagement party invitations, particularly when that number ventures into the hundreds. If that is the case, then it is ideal to pick a crisp material such as matte or a layered product like parchment. Couples who want to splash out and send an item that really pops will opt for something like cotton fiber, but you can score genuine value for our investment with handmade paper, vellum or glassine. Examine the options and check their price per 100 sheets to compare.


Opt For Simple Design

Customized free templates are a great way to score some cheaper engagement party invitations that won’t blow your budget out. Heading straight to a professional service will see some basic fundamentals of the invitation creation rise in cost, and this includes the selection and design of a template. Eliminate that need right now to pick a design that is simple and easily downloadable.


engagement invitation


Have Digital Copy Just In Case

One of the examples whereby engagement party invitations become a very painful and costly exercise is returning to a print provider after a collection has been posted, only to discover that you missed a family member returning from overseas or sent an item to a friend’s house who has recently moved addresses.

To cut this issue off at the pass and to prevent a new batch being custom made for that simple error, why not craft a digital copy in high resolution in the event that you need to send a fresh copy? Whether this is through email, text or social media, you can still give the invitation as a personal message whilst bypassing those logistical hassles that emerge over the course of the project.


Obtain Envelope Price Inclusive of Invitations

You would be surprised how much the envelope pricing can blowout the budget for engagement party invitations. As you undertake your research and consult with a provider, ensure that the price for the envelopes comes inclusive with their service, because that can be an unwanted surcharge when the final bill arrives.


Wedding Outlet With Bundled Packages

If you are feeling bold and forward thinking, some couples will attempt to bundle their engagement party invitations with their wedding invitations through one trustworthy provider. Giving a guarantee that they will utilize their business for future projects with the wedding, there are certain local outlets who will want to entice your business by packaging together these invitations to drive those initial costs down.



Engagement party invitations happen to play a very small role in the overall scope of the wedding season stage. Coming months or even years before the couple ties the knot, there will be a series of costs to calculate for brides and grooms of all descriptions. Throwing into the mix venue hire, catering, décor, music, accommodation and more, the invitations themselves should be concise and well presented, but not overtly extravagant. Leave that department for another time.


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