Red Flags From Family Lawyers in Sydney That Clients Should Recognize

Red Flags From Family Lawyers in Sydney That Clients Should Recognize


Citizens in the market for family lawyers in Sydney are spoiled for choice with a series of options on the table.

Firm after firm from the inner suburbs to the West, Northern Beaches, Southern reaches of Botany and beyond are on hand to ensure that they represent their client in the best way possible.

However, there are occasions whereby the solicitor fails to uphold their end of the bargain, illustrating unprofessional behaviour or simply neglecting their duty through lack of diligence or mismanagement.

When these red flags emerge, they must be noted and responded to.

Let us delve into a few key examples now.


Inability to Mediate Between Parties

Family lawyers in Sydney are not only charged with dealing with their own client in a one-on-one setting, but they can be regularly positioned to mediate between spouses. From child custody battles to the division of assets and sorting through a messy divorce scenario where property and vehicles can be fought over, managing this affair is paramount to a satisfactory outcome.

If your family law representative cannot mediate when the conditions are there to proceed to a healthy outcome, through their own negligence or pushing for terms that are unreasonable, that must be noted as a red flag. You will want someone fighting your corner, but not if it means inflating tensions or breaking down a mediation process that is necessary.


Failure to Notify and Update

Communication is the bedrock of quality family lawyers in Sydney who take care of their clientele. When there are instances that see a solicitor missing deadlines, turning up late to consultations, failing to notify with case updates or missing phone calls and emails, that is a surefire sign that your representation is below industry standard. A lawyer will need their own time and distance to undertake important tasks without interruption, but they operate at the behest of the client and working in isolation is not acceptable.


Overworked and Understaffed

When we discuss red flags with family lawyers in Sydney, it is often through the guise of underhanded techniques that are designed to manipulate and abuse the attorney-client relationship. Yet there are some occasions whereby a representative is simply pushed beyond their own limitations to take on more than they can handle.

If you see signs that the professional is overworked to the point that they are appearing stressed and exhausted, or if there are simple duties that they have to carry the burden because of an understaffed firm, raise that flag. It can be the oversight of the smallest detail that can make the difference with a child custody case or the ownership of a property, so ensure that your representative is staffed and primed to argue your case.


lawyer signing a paper while on a phone call


Issuing False or Misleading Promises

Clients that are receiving promises when it comes the outcome of a legal dispute from family lawyers in Sydney should immediately raise a red flag. Despite all of the evidence pointed in one direction supported by the best argumentative position possible, there are no guarantees in a court of law. Fortunately there is a healthy degree of skepticism in this arena from citizens who are aware of this fact, but there are still vulnerable people who are desperate for a win and will hire a solicitor who promises them the world. Never fall for this ploy and invest in someone who will offer their own endeavour with true transparency.


Missing Important Case Facts

There is a simple truism that is evident with family lawyers in Sydney, a truth that is universal across all fields of law in any city or regional area – a legal representative should know everything you know and more. If there are details that are overlooked from a job status to child alimony payments or Wills and estate ownership, then that must be an indication that you need to find a solicitor who will educate themselves on the facts. Cases are won when a lawyer can sift through the details and identify arguments and points of evidence that others won’t delve into, a scenario that cannot play out if they do not know the basics.


Working Against Your Interests

Family lawyers in Sydney are in a position to offer their professional advice based off years of experience and education, but they cannot proceed forth with a position that is not supported by you. That could present itself with the filing of a motion that was not agreed upon or attempting to settle a dispute financially that was not prearranged. Counsel has to operate in the best interests of their client and whether it is taking a more aggressive or passive stance, their actions must be a reflection of those beliefs.



Once you have recognised these red flags for family lawyers in Sydney, make them evident and on the record with the representative. They will respond in one of two fashions – positively and proactively to address the matter, or negatively to either overlook the issue or fire back at the criticism. The choice will then be a subjective decision based on your instincts and their past history.