Simple tips to help improve your SEO ranking

For many businesses their online presence can either make or break their business in the ever changing market. Improving your SEO ranking is a common practice that businesses use to help their website succeed. For a lot of business owners though, their experience doesn’t expand into the world of SEO rankings and procedures to help boost their online presence.

While experience definitely helps, you don’t have to find an expert digital agency Sydney to get started on your website’s presence. Here is a list of simple tips that anyone can implement to help improve their SEO ranking.

Create a blog

Something a lot of small business owners can do is to create a blog for their website. It doesn’t have to be long or complex, just be sure to have a schedule and include posts that are relevant to your business. The aim of a blog post is to inform your visitor base and to tell Google and other search engines that your website is being updated.

Regular blog posts let search engine algorithms know that the website is constantly being updated and monitored. This conveys that your website is being looked after and is trustworthy. Trustworthiness can be seen as the basis for SEO rankings and the likelihood that your website will be listed above others.

Get sponsored articles on other websites

Another common strategy to improve your trustworthiness and SEO ranking is to have links hosted on other websites linking back to your own. This practice is known as back linking and can either make or break your SEO campaign.

If your links are of high quality you will see greater results but this in turn costs more money. Low quality links that can be seen as spam will hinder your efforts and could result in a penalty being placed on your website. With back linking it really is a quality over quantity sort of deal and should be addressed as such.

Website optimisation

Having your website optimised is a very important factor that should really be addressed before you start any other SEO ranking techniques. Website optimisation includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Having a blog
  • Content related to your business
  • Landing pages
  • Website speed and layout are appropriate
  • SSL certificate
  • Optimised for mobile devices

Website optimisation is a very important step that you need to take when trying to improve your SEO ranking. You can think of it as the spring cleaning of your website so that it looks nice for visitors and algorithm. If done properly, your website will be able to compete with your competitors rather be left behind.

If this step is skipped, all of your other efforts could go unnoticed for many reasons. For example, Google no longer lists websites without a SSL certificate as secure. This will result in a huge loss of traffic on your website and will ultimately lead to its death if it goes unattended.

Additionally, websites that are optimised for mobile are automatically ranked above ones that aren’t. These simple things are easy fixes or start to get your SEO rankings improved. If you are completely lost on where to start or are uneasy about putting your faith into your own knowledge, look to get the help of a digital marketing agency. These businesses specialise in these sorts of services and will have a greater impact than a small business owner working on their SEO part time.