Six Signs It Could Be Time To Pay A Visit To Your Local Mulgrave Dental Clinic

your teeWhen it comes to caring for our teeth, many of us are guilty of skipping regular check ups with our local Mulgrave dental clinic. Modern life is busy and if nothing is wrong, it can be easy to put off scheduling a visit, but there are some clear signs, such as those on this list, that you’ve been avoiding things for a bit too long:

You Have A Toothache

One of the main reasons people may need to book an appointment with their local Mulgrave dental clinic is if they’re experiencing a toothache. While a short bout of tooth pain after an adverse event isn’t too much of a concern, those who have developed a toothache that has no obvious cause or is painful for an extended period of time should definitely book in with their preferred Mulgrave dental clinic to help prevent the issue from evolving into a more serious problem.

Sensitivity In Your Teeth Is Worsening

Another sign you could need to book in with your local Mulgrave dental clinic is if any sensitivity that you experience with your teeth is worsening. While many people have sensitive teeth, with sensitivity sometimes even coming and going throughout one’s lifetime, a worsening of sensitivity could be an indicator of underlying issues either developing or worsening. Getting on top of these problems in a timely manner could quite literally save your smile and is much kinder on your budget than ignoring the issue and having to have emergency work done later one.

You’re Experiencing Discolouration

While discolouration can generally be linked to diet and lifestyle factors such as drinking coffee or red wine, smoking cigarettes or even the consumption of dyed and processed foods, more sinister forces could also be at play. If your teeth are yellowing and you do not consume any foods that would cause this, it’s time for a trip to your Mulgrave dental clinic. Likewise, if you are experiencing darker discolouration or blackening of the tooth enamel, these issues are not commonly linked to diet or lifestyle and often indicate issues such as rotting or other more serious complications. Either way, it is better to be safe than sorry so if you’re at all concerned, seek professional assessment.

You Think Your Wisdom Teeth Might Be Coming In

Mulgrave dental clinic

The fourth instance in which you may need to book an appointment with your local Mulgrave dental clinic is if you think that your wisdom teeth are coming in. While this is more common in younger adults, wisdom teeth can start appearing at any age and they don’t always come in normally. If you suspect that yours are coming through, it is vital that you visit your preferred Mulgrave dental clinic and get things checked out so they can be removed before they cause too many problems if needed.

Your Teeth Haven’t Had A Professional Clean In A While

It’s never fun to be in the chair simply for a clean but if you haven’t had a professional one in a while, you really should book in with your local Mulgrave dental clinic and get one done. Professional teeth cleaning can help prevent many issues (and even assist in reversing some that are already occurring) so they really are necessary.

Something Doesn’t Feel Right

Finally, if something doesn’t feel right, no matter what it is, it’s better to be safe than sorry so it’s off to your local Mulgrave dental clinic for you. Trust us, a little discomfort is a lot better than running into a major issue because you ignored a problem that could have been easily fixed.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, book an appointment with your preferred Mulgrave dental clinic today.