The 4 Pieces of PPE In Hospitality For A Post-COVID World

There has always been the necessity of PPE in hospitality, while the degree of protection has always ranged depending on the circumstance, the pandemic has ramped up the necessity and brevity of required protection for all involved. The lockdowns and restrictions caused havoc throughout our lives and especially in the industry itself. The necessary PPE in hospitality began to increase with restrictions, and the public has been eagerly waiting for the return of a degree of normalcy to our weekends and evenings.

There’s no two ways around it, we miss going out and having a good time with friends and family. Whether it be at a pub, restaurant, or marketplace – the world is beginning to open back up, and as a result, there are new considerations to keep in mind with PPE in hospitality to ensure that safety is maintained and remains paramount for workers and the general public.

As we finally come out the other side, this article will delve into the 4 more essential pieces of PPE in hospitality that have allowed our hospo heroes to be able to keep themselves safe and the public safe simultaneously.

1.    Masks

Yes, even the sound of the word sends shivers down many spines, but there is a method to the madness and repetition. Masks are the PPE in hospitality that allowed venues to open up so quickly after the lockdowns ended or eased. As it is a very people-heavy industry that thrives on interaction between staff and patrons, having comfortable masks for the staff to wear is absolutely essential if this new normal is to continue onward for the foreseeable.

Masks are not only perfectly suited as PPE in hospitality, but in our everyday lives as well and depending on where you live, you may have to keep yours on while visiting a venue.

2.    Heavy Duty Sanitiser

PPE in hospitality

A provisional PE in hospitality that is also present in a number of other fields has been the sanitisers, there’s been an explosion of automatic machines that are popping up across venues in the country, usually situated in the entrances for patrons and in staff areas and kitchen for the staff members.

As we mentioned, it is a people heavy industry and physical contact with products such as food and drinking containers will be standard – thus having the best protection possible for workers and the general public is necessary for the post-COVID world.

3.    More Robust Surface Cleaners

Surface cleaning apparatuses and cleaning solutions have been stock standard as PPE in hospitality. The post-COVID world requires a little extra assurance when it comes to sanitising and cleaning the surfaces patrons and staff will frequently come into contact with. The increased potency and efficacy of surface cleaner PPE in hospitality will invariably allow a smoother day-to-day in venues and kitchens across the country.

4.    Re-Usable Gloves

Gloves are stock standard as PPE in hospitality already and have become even more prevalent with the re-opening of the world. The plastic and single-use dilemma has also played a role in the adoption of re-usable and washable gloves as more widely utilised PPE in hospitality. The necessity for wearing gloves have not gone away, and as workers consistently clean their stations and work areas, the recyclable nature of re-usable gloves has been welcomed into the post-COVID landscape.

Yes, we all miss going out and having a fun time, and with this newfound bolstering of PPE in hospitality, it is a reality we can expect to see sooner than we ever would have thought. Be safe.