The pros of a gas hot water cylinder

Have you struggled through the winter, not knowing how you’ll survive the never ending cold? Temperatures drop to levels that were unimaginable at the height of summer when buying a gas hot water cylinder was the last thing on your mind. But then as the winter sets in, as evenings get darker earlier and much colder, your mind begins to wander. You wish you had thought this one through. You had seen plenty of adverts for it but somehow forgot how cold the winter months get. A gas hot water cylinder would have been the perfect purchase months ago and made your winter nights that bit more bearable.


So, how does this tankless system work?


Well, water flows into the heater when a hot tap is turned on. The system within then works to heat the liquid in the heat exchanger. The liquid is moved around and takes in as much heat as possible while a control unit within can regulate temperature so the it can remain at a set level.


What advantages do they hold?


Saving money


Installing a gas hot water cylinder in your apartment or house can save you a lot of money in the long run. While some can be relatively expensive to have installed, they are one of the most efficient heating systems on the market. Traditionally homes would have a large tank which consumes a lot of energy trying to heat the liquid inside. If you buy yourself a tankless system, it will only be run when there is a need for it, whether it be having a shower or washing up after dinner. The days of family disputes will be banished to history.


Saves space


Depending on how big your apartment or house is, a gas hot water cylinder may not have to be too big, and what’s best, can even be hidden from plain view, under the kitchen sink for example. Previously, large tanks would take up their own room in a house, however with tankless energy systems, this space can be put to better use, as the newer models are just a small fraction of the size. They are designed to look better too.


Showers will be better


A gas hot water cylinder can even end, once and for all, the age-old debate about who gets to shower first. On average showers can last up to 10 minutes but that won’t be a problem for this tankless system, as members of your family will be able to shower one after another. There’ll be no need to frantically knock on the door as you urge whoever is in there to leave immediately and let you have your turn. Worries about cold showers will vanish overnight.  Buying energy efficient showerheads that are produced with the environment in mind, to reduce water wastage can also help and further reduce your bills.


Better for the environment


If you, like Leonardo DiCaprio, want change to be effective immediately to safeguard the future of the planet, you can go a lot further wrong than investing in a gas hot water cylinder for your showering and washing needs. Numerous studies have shown they use less energy than traditional tanks while models can also be bought that are powered by natural gas. In this way, your greenhouse emissions will drop significantly, and the polar bears living among the melting ice caps of Antarctica will be that bit happier and safer.


What are you waiting for? Get in touch with a gas hot water cylinder supplier to have one installed in your house as soon as possible, you won’t regret it.