What Services Do Arborist Sydney Provide?

Did you know that trees are living things that require special care from time to time? And if you understand the importance of trees in the environment, caring for them shouldn’t come as a surprise. In most communities, tree inventory is performed to determine the number, species, and condition of the trees in urban forestry. Once they have these numbers, it becomes easy to take care of these trees and fill up the spaces with more trees. The best way to care for trees is by involving an arborist Sydney. This professional handles countless matters concerning tree care.

Who is an Arborist Sydney?

An arborist in Sydney is a person who specializes in tree care. These people have sufficient understanding about what trees need and provide exactly that to ensure proper care. An arborist Sydney undergoes training and is well equipped to provide necessary tree care.

Seeking services from these professionals is essential to ensure the trees around you are well taken care of. If trees on your property are healthy and cared for, they add more value to it. Thus, hiring someone occasionally is essential as it results in substantial returns.

Services of These Professionals

There are so many disadvantages that come with poorly maintained trees in the surrounding. To prevent this, it is ideal to seek services from an arborist Sydney every once in a while. It is because they are tree experts who understand what trees need to flourish. These experts perform various services to ensure tree care. These services are as follows;


Pruning is a type of tree care that allows them to grow healthy, improve their appearance, and enhance safety. So, an arborist Sydney helps determine whether pruning is necessary and the type of technique to use for general tree care. An expert will prune to;

  • Get rid of closely packed branches
  • Remove weak or dead limbs that may cause decaying
  • Eliminate diseased limbs
  • Remove limbs interfering with construction or electrical wiring
  • Create a better structure to reduce wind resistance and minimize possible storm damage
  • Eliminate damaged limbs as a result of adverse weather conditions
  • Train newly-planted trees
  • Remove branches to improve light penetration
  • Enhance the shape of a tree

Emergency Care

Arborist Sydney

When storms or adverse weather conditions hit, trees and limbs cause a lot of destruction. They can fall on other trees, vehicles, nearby structures, and homes, causing more damage than good. In this case, an arborist Sydney is sought after to perform the removal tasks safely. Doing so ensures minimizing more damage to the surrounding property.


Removing trees is usually the last option when it comes to tree care. Unless the action is necessary, removal is prohibited in most areas. In this case, an arborist Sydney will help determine whether removal is necessary and how to go about it. They have the expertise and equipment required to remove trees safely. Removal is only necessary when the tree is:

  • Dying or already dead
  • Irreparably dangerous
  • Obstructing and pruning cannot rectify it
  • Crowding and being hazardous to other trees
  • To be substituted for a suitable specimen
  • In the way of new construction


An arborist Sydney can also provide tree planting services. These services also include advice to ensure the trees grow healthy and have better defenses against diseases, insects, and site problems. Tree planting services include:

  • Fertilization
  • Aeration for better root growth
  • Cabling to add support to weak branches
  • Spraying to control pest infestation


Now that you have familiarized yourself with what arborists in Sydney do, you can seek their services whenever you want healthy trees. It is also ideal to learn the basics of tree care. Doing this can provide you with basic knowledge and help you when hiring an arborist.