Where To Find The Best Machine Hire Rates

When you are thinking about renting some machines to do a task, whether it be for a construction company or a small personal project, like putting in a pool or removing a tree, you are going to have to consider the costs of the machine hire. Looking online is a great way to figure out how to get the best machine hire rates in your area.

Rates depend on location

Your location matters when it comes down to renting machinery. Most places charge by the hour or by the day, and you will have to determine which pricing fits your schedule best. If you are being charged by the day, then you are probably getting a better per hour deal than if you got charged by the hour. However, if you only need the machine for a few hours, then you won’t need to be charged by the day.

Some places include transportation costs as well. If you need to rent the machinery in a location that is far away from the machine hire location, then your rates will be hire due to transportation costs. Make sure to ask the company that you are hiring from what their prices are on transportation, assuming you can’t transport the machinery yourself.

The job you need to get done

The job that you need to get done is important. Some jobs take a lot of time, and some jobs take a lot of different equipment. It all depends on what job you need to get done, and how fast you want to get it done. Of course, you could do pretty much any job with a small claw and crane, but if you need to terraform a large piece of land, that will take ages with that small piece of machinery. The bigger the machinery, the higher the cost to rent it will be. Take all of this into consideration when you are about to complete your machine hire.

Common machine hire rates

As was said before, most rates depend on the location that you are doing work in. Some cities have different laws and regulations that need to be taken into account before you do any terraforming or land transformation. The kind of equipment that you are renting will also change the rates that you will be receiving. If you plan on using the machinery for a few days at a time, see if the location offers you a discount for an extended period of time.

For an excavator, you will likely receive a rate of around A$450 and A$4,000 per day, depending on the size of the excavator. Some excavators can get pretty big, so don’t expect to pay A$4,000 per day for a basic model. Most projects don’t need something that big.

Forklifts will generally cost you somewhere around A$100 and A$600 per day. These tools are relatively cheap to purchase upfront, at least in comparison to other forms of large machinery.

Scissor lifts will probably cost you anywhere from A$100 and A$300 per day. These will make reaching high up areas easier and safer for your crew.

Finally, skid loaders will cost you somewhere between A$200 and A$400 per day. These are essential for moving all of your materials.

Getting the best rates on machine hire isn’t too difficult, and talking with a consultant is the way to go when you plan on renting over long periods of time. Depending on how often you plan on using this equipment, it might be a better investment to buy the equipment yourself and then rent it out as you see fit. Everybody’s needs are different, so make sure that you get the rates that you deserve.