Why It’s Always Wiser To Go With Mini Excavator Hire Services For Your Job

When it comes to mini excavator hire, there are several questions that come up. One of them is whether or not you should borrow or buy your own? Another question is what company to choose when searching for mini excavator hire? And the final question is what situation would lead someone to require such a useful and efficient piece of equipment?

The answer can be found in four reasons: cost-efficiency, convenience, reliability, and flexibility.

Cost Efficiency

As far as cost efficiency goes for mini excavator hire, they are one of the most efficient tools in terms of value. A cone crusher for example is worth more than $45,000, but mini excavator hire rate starts at just under $20 per hour and can go up to about $30 or so with specific requirements.

Rather than outright purchasing the equipment, it’s often wiser for smaller jobs or temporary necessity to simply rent it out instead and save the cash for boosting up your material quality. Another consideration for renting is transportation costs associated with owning something like this.

Transporting these machines is no easy task either, taking up lots of space on trailers or trucks while being cumbersome as well makes renting much more likely. You may have transport facilities within driving distance yourself, but most others will rely on companies dedicated to mini excavator hire near them instead- thus negating any issues surrounding transportation.


Mini excavator hire

Of course, convenience comes into play rather well here, especially when it comes to mini excavator hire. When you know that you’ll only need the machine for a few hours or even just one day, it’s definitely easier to simply find a mini excavator hire service rather than purchase.

It can also be more convenient in terms of planning if your mini excavator hire needs are sporadic and not frequent enough to justify purchasing an expensive piece of equipment. Whether you are a professional or not, owning one is a bit of a risk. If circumstances change and the job suddenly gets a little larger than anticipated, you’re more or less stuck with what you have.

With the rental alternative, however, it is much easier to change it up at a moment’s notice with little issue.


There are some high standards that come into play when it comes to mini excavator hire that you need to be aware of. For starters, while these machines are hefty and effective, they’re not always the most reliable pieces of equipment by any stretch and can break down pretty easily if they’re driven too hard or put through an extensive period of use over time with no maintenance work done on them.

In this instance, it’s probably best to leave this one up to professionals who know how to maintain their fleet regularly. They will also have access to parts when needed for repair purposes which makes life infinitely easier and takes additional stress off your back.


Flexibility is also another key factor to consider when mini excavator hire is on the cards. You may well need a quick turnaround if you’ve got a lot of work lined up and need to get your hands dirty quickly which can be difficult with such heavy machinery unless they’re readily available for use in your area, otherwise, it’ll take forever just to get them over there.

Time is of the essence when it comes to worksites and improvement jobs, so having the option of mixing and matching, renting and returning on a flexible schedule is much easier when you consider mini excavator hire.